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August 13, 2008





If anyone is interested I am attending the Blauer Tactical SPEAR System & PDR combatives camp on Aug 15th thru 17th. They have a two for one deal and I have already paid for the one so I am looking for someone who is interested in going to split the cost with me ($150 ea). It is held in VA Beach on Viking Dr (near Lynnhaven Mall). Friday is Crossfit w/Greg Glassman and Sat/Sun is the spear. For more info there is a link on the www.crossfit.com web site or contact me. If you want to go and split the cost with me give me a call. My number is 714-4772.


25:55 as rxd


24:50 as rx'd


20.29 as rxd. Jeff, good to see ya back on the board brother!


SNATCH GONE BAD!! OUCH! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1044258/Pictured-The-horrific-moment-Olympic-weightlifter-turns-elbow-front.html


23:18 as rx'd. NOW I'm tired.

Thomi CFVB

hmm ok..Thomi 25:05 as rx'd Pat 17:22 as rx'd.. I do not want to row ever again :) hehe
Great energy today in all the classes :) you guys rocked it!



Dave T.

49YOM, 21:06rx'd. Thanks for the workout opportunity while I was on business travel. You have a great place there. Best of luck CFVB.


ow ow ow ow ow

where's the eye bleach. That pic Rob linked to needs to be un-seen.


27:37 rxd

the pull ups were harder than I expected.

rob n

19:35 as rx'd


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