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August 16, 2008



I love my cute lil Pookie! Rowing away.


Greetings CFVBers from Montgomery, AL!!!

Hope you're all doing well.

Mostly settled down here...still have boxes to unpack, but I survived orientation and I start the International Security Studies and Joint Forces courses next week. Please don't be jealous. :)

Today was a 1 rep max day for me...
Snatch: 115
Clean & Jerk: 145
Front Squat: 200 (15 lb increase!!!)

Finished with 5 rds of 20 AbMat situps and 10 75# Good Mornings in 9:15

Brian S

wb= 27/22/20/17/20
rope= 2/2/1/1/1

total= 113 with no naps

Yeah, Pat, I agree: that sucked.

I'm on vacation in the OBX next week, so try to continue without me, gang.

Brian S

Oh yeah, there's a runing joke that Crossfit is a cult. The difference is that a cult seeks out the weak to exploit them. We sought out Crossfit in order to eliminate our weaknesses.

Time for my nap.


Brian - couldn't agree more w/ above
wb: 30/32/28/32/30 = 152
rope: 2/2/0/1/1 = 6 (0=2 attempts at 1/2 way failed)
158 total
Rope climbs sucked
Good push on the ropes Bison Head! Great work everyone, as always Sat crew rocks!


wbs: 18/11/11/11/11 (62)
rope: 1/1/1/0/0 (3)
total: 65

Ropes hate me and want me to die. How can they manage to be both slippery and abrasive at the same time? It's always nice, though, to think "there's no way I can finish this" halfway through a workout, and then prove myself wrong.

Brian S

Nick, I totally agree; finishing is the best part!


Wallballs 30/30/30/25/30 = 145
Ropeclimbs 4/3/2/2/2 = 13
158 Total


wb: 25/7/21/14/16 12#
rope: 2/1/1/1/1
Total: 89 - we shouldn't have to do due public math after working out.

Also, I thought one of the benefits of getting out of the military was never 'having' to run again but apparently I am still dumb enough to do it!


wb: 32/30/25/25/25 = 137
rc: 4/3/3/2/2 = 14

total = 151 rx'd

Great push on the wallballs today John! I tried to stay with ya, but my elbow was and is totally f@#ked!! All reasons, excuses, justifications, and sob stories aside it was a really creative workout and a fun time.


wb= 96
rc= 3
Ok so unlike Sir Tommy, Captain of the USS KEEPIN-IT-HONEST, I did count those F-ing 1/2 climbs. The two complete climbs I did get were my first ever and I have to say I didn't like being up that high. Thank you oh Zone-god fir blessing me with stamina today, not to mention testicles.


Made this up today. WOW!!!that f#cking sucked.

WBS 34/30/26/24/26=140
RC 6/4/4/3/3=20

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