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November 10, 2008



I hate SDLHP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Zone WOD


ring dips w/ blue band.


"...On our 233rd birthday, first remember those who have served and those “angels” who have fallen—our reputation was built on their sacrifices. Remember our families; they are the unsung heroes whose support and dedication allow us to answer our Nation’s call. Finally, to all Marines and Sailors, know that I am proud of you and what you do. Your successes on the battlefield have only added to our illustrious history. Lieutenant General Victor H. “Brute” Krulak said it best when he wrote, “… the United States does not need a Marine Corps … the United States wants a Marine Corps.” Your actions, in Iraq and Afghanistan and across the globe, are at the core of why America loves her Marines".

James T. Conway
General, U.S. Marine Corps

Happy Birthday, Marines!

Semper Fidelis


7:07 as rx'd


Thanks for all you (and all Marines and soldiers) do for us, Tommy! We managed to raise about $650 in the yoga class we had yesterday for the Exalted Warrior Yoga Program for soldiers and their families physically and emotionally effected by war. It wasn't much, but we do acknowledge the sacrifice you make on our behalf.


22:02, 75lb SDLHP, blue band ring dips.


Weezy/Lisa- Next time you see me (I should be in CFVB on Tues 5:30 class) remind me about the Exalted Warrior Yoga Program. I would like to donate to it if it is not to late. I will count my crossfit workout as yoga by throwing in a few sun salutations at the end of the workout.
Happy Birthday to all the Marines. Oooh Rah!!


11:05 clear band ring dips are the devil


6:47rxd plus 15hspusfor 11/9 and 11/10


8:34 w/ring pushups.


Thanks, Ozzy. It is not too late. We are sending any late donations on to the yogi in charge. You can make a check out to the "Exalted Warrior Foundation." Thanks for being so generous! I will be in Tuesday AM and Wednesday 530pm, but I am sure Thomi will let you leave whatever for me. :-)


6:03 as rx'd

Thomi CFVB

18:40 as rx'd wow.. I hate both of these movements.. Someday I will actually eat all my blocks for the day for more than one day in a row :)


8:50 as rx'd


8.30 rx'd. 8 hspu


15:10, 62# SDHP (just in case everyone else cannot add either...a 22# bar + (2) 15# plates + (2) 5# plates does not equal 57#) and ring dips with the green band. Plus 8 handstands...yeah I actually did them today! Thanks Adam.


healll ya Jill! i knew you would be doing handstands soon enough!! i can't believe you got in today either. i feel like some one beat me with a baseball bat!! i'm still having issues getting into and out of my car. oh yea just in case you don't know. haha i forgot. if you stick a stainless steel pan in the oven and pull it out and set it on the stove... the handle is still HOT!!!!! use an oven mitt. is it crazy that the first thing that popped into my head is oh $h!t this is going to hurt to grab a barbell!!
Happy Birthday Marines and Jason!!!

Thomi CFVB

My @ss HURTS HURTS HURTS!!! Hahahah it hurts so bad that it is almost funny


I still can't sit down on the toilet without grabbing the wall and the edge of the bathtub...I hope there aren't any legs tomorrow....


9:51 did the dips on a dip bar.


9;51 dips on a dip bar.

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