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November 08, 2008



43.09rxd last time 1/12/08 52:10 +6hspus
so pr by 9 minutes


31.32 rx'd I think. Stairs suck.


39:07 rx'd looking forward to seeing how the legs feel this next week!

anyone who was looking to meet up for the ufc fight. it's not this weekend but next.


In case you wanna do some yoga for a cause on your off day..............

Join The Space Above Yoga Center in a benefit class for The Exalted Warrior Foundation
Suggested donation $20
Sunday November 9th

The Exalted Warrior Foundation supports a yoga instruction program that is designed for wounded soldiers in military and veteran hospital facilities.  Soldiers who face life with amputations, traumatic brain, and spinal cord injuries are among those who will benefit by taking part in the program.  All yoga instruction is specifically designed to help ease the stress of recovery and rehabilitation. Soldiers who are struggling with both the physical and emotional aspects of recovery are treated with great respect and compassion and are instructed based on their unique individual needs.

For more info. on the program: www.yogani.com/warrioryoga.html

My studio is in Ghent. 202 West 22nd Street


1:00:32 I can't walk down stairs right


38:something, what pain?


33:51 as rx'd


1:16:38 with step-ups/DU attempts + 6 handstand attempts, and I am pretty sure later there will be attempts at walking.

Thomi CFVB

35 something plus 6 HSPU
Lisa, you beat me to it! :)
Jessica.. I am down for next weekend :)
I am not looking forward to walking once I get out of this damn car!! I hate driving long distances!!


34;24....thanks gerry and thomi for letting me work out with you...


will 34:34 as rx'd

thomi 35:36 as rx'd


27:47 Planned to do as rx'd, but after 200 meters of lunges, I cut everything else in half. Did Su's, 100 step ups instead of box jumps and only 100 squats. My legs are jello though. Killa job to everyone else! That was brutal.


oh...I did 200 SU's..not 100.


44:18 plus 6 HSPUs (down to one Ab Mat folks... thank you HSPU challenge!)

I can't feel my legs... well I can feel them Im just trying to ignore them. I think drinking heavily might help....


34:?? plus 6 HSPU

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