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November 03, 2008



YYEAAHHH !!! one of my favorites! see ya at 530

Johnathan Millen M/31/5'9

We went down to the track to do this it always amazes me that no matter what the WOD looks like that it hurts so damn bad...All as Rxd except Sig he had to sub pullups...And damn Halloween looked awesome..

J 10:22
N 10:47
Johnathan 12:30
M Unknown
SiG Unknown


I love Helen, so a little sad I couldn't do this RX'd today. The shoulder is worthless. Modified with 12KG Russian KB swings & box jumps (replacing PUs). 12:47


23:55, blue band pullups, 20kg kettlebell, god only knows what that is in poods.


11.43rxd pr by 38secs from 8/27/08
1 hspu for hspu challenge


10.14 as rx'd, pr by 1:44


14:16 as rx'd, you guys were flying today boy


10:43 but I had to run on a treadmill so there was some lag trying to get it going


9:18 as rxd....felt really good today


12.08 rx'd.


13:45 with 1.25 pood. 15 seconds better than last time. WOOT.

Everyone please vote tomorrow. This is 'Merica so just do it.

Also, if you have some hours to kill and want to get your mind blown, look up "The Century of the Self" on YouTube. We are just sheep. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Thomi CFVB

12:12 subbing 70 double unders per round for the runs other stuff as rx'd
I am going to check that out Adam :)


12:22 as rx'd PR last time 12:51. i'm kinda stoked we've been running 530m instead of 400m ahahahah
oh and i already voted god love 'Merica and absentee voting and ohio's last minute as long as it's postmarked by the 3rd.


10:35 as rx'd


17:55 1 pood.

Article Writting Service

looks Tough ..!

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