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November 11, 2008



thanks marines.........
"those who expect to reap the blessings of liberty must undergo the fatigues of supporting it"


To the vets:
Thanks for all that you have done, are doing and will do to protect our country. It is your sacrifice that allows opportunity to flourish and in this time of what seems to be marked by perhaps heightened opportunity, your service does not go unnoticed.

As for the WOD:


There is just no way....my legs are still swollen and painful...sorry, Rob, I have to go to hot yoga instead of Crossfit this morning...


unless you will let me do yesterday's workout....


14:15 rx'd, Nice 9 o'clock turnout.


15:56 as rx'd, wow! harder than it looked...sorry about the rope Rob

Adam - good comments, very well put


18:31 rxd double under nightmare
thanks all active and vets for all you do
Guth you still owe some HSPU's


15:50 as rxd...good times good times thanks to all that have fought and continue to fight for our freedom!


Thanks to all the Vets!! Happy day to you and all you do for this country. Much Love to you all. Jason, Happy belated B-day.
I did this work out in Gold's. Yayyy fun!


13.34. Sick work today Jason.

Deep thanks to all veterans. Not just this day. But every day we enjoy the fruits of liberty. God Bless.


14:23. I think I can safely say that rowing and DU's are my two strongest exercises. Time to ignore them for a while.


26:33, I cannot wait for the day I grow up and can do double unders.

As for the day:
"Character is like a tree and reputation is like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing" - A. Lincoln

Thank you to all the veterns of past and present who have the character, courage and strength to keep us safe and represent our country with great honor.


17:00 legs are still f*#!in' hurt. wahwah. i'll be over it tomorrow!


We couldn't do what we do without the support of everyone back home. Thank you for supporting us whether you believe what we do is right or wrong.


Thanks for your donations, Ozzy and Jason. I second what Jessica said, although we may not agree with things that our country chooses to do, it is vitally important that we support those who do the not-so-glamorous work. Namaste. ...And my legs are better...although I would have liked to get a workout in this morning...........


20:45 Tripled the number of double-unders and did singles. (75, 150, and 300) I need to get my own rope. They are called buddy lee's right?

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