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November 24, 2008



11 minutes of pull-ups, then switched to jumping through minute 29.

Made up the weekend of HSPUs on G/B band for a total of 63. Going B/B tomorrow!


look out girl soon you will be on the wall. sweet.


5 min + 5 pullups. Jumping pullups felt too ridiculous.


15reg/32jumpers w/ 22hspus in warmup


4 mins reg / 23 mins jumpers
Great to see everyone @ the 2 pm class :) Tommy - awesome push!!


12 rounds/31 jumpers, my legs are toast

Thomi CFVB

13 rounds of pullups up to 38 rounds with jumping pull ups.. With like 5 hours of sleep in the past 2 nights I will take it :) :) happy happy girl :)


17 rds pullups/41 rds jumpers


9 rds w/ red band & 16 rds jumpers and then cause I thought I wasn't tired I did rd 21-24 of squats with Penny....Big mistake, big...huge.

Great Job Jessica and Jason, you made it look easy.


17 rounds of pull ups, the made it through 39 rounds of jumpers. Jess and Jason, stellar work!


i don't think we will be able to walk tomorrow! i would have kept going if jess had, hahaha we probably would have just ran each other into the ground!! true love!


My number are not important. What's important is that EPSOM SALT BATH I'M FREAKING TAKING!!!!

Oh yeah, Jessica's 1275 total and Jason's 1326. Seriously? The effing wonder twins.

Go eacho' tokey now!


15 rnds then up to 50 rnds of jumpin pu.
i had to let him win. good thing i'm taking tomorrow off.


yeah and i'm probably going to make him push me in a wheelchair through the airport if our gate is far away!! it's his fault i kept going, he just wouldn't freakin STOP!!! gotta love him.


12 rounds + 6


18rds then 35


Jsaon/Jessica..truly impressive, but girl..I had my money on you to win! LOL.

12 squat cleans/26 air squats


7 minutes of no kipping dead hang pullups at 01:00 hrs.

No, I couldn't sleep and my better half was at work.

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