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December 04, 2008





I thought you said we wouldn't need our shoulders? Oh. Wait. NOOOOOOOO!


Rest day, Meow!


my legs just started feeling better from the cert!!!!! i hate you woman!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, I have to do this one at home tonight but just so I am clear...am I counting the steps so I can improve next time or to distract me from the pain?


I think I'll pack knee pads.


17:35 / 417 steps
apparently my legs are really really short.


good call andrew! i think i still have some from the good ol' college days. nice job amanda! you are a shorty but we won't hold that against ya.


Jessica! I have been meaning to tell you, finally tried your delicious fage/agave/almond butter -- AMAZING!!! I may be addicted.


definately delicious!!


Thank you Thomi! Now everything hurts!


My measurements were way off. I lunged my street thinking it was about 400 meters. Took me 191 lunges. I just measured an actual lunge and one step was just over a yard....aka a meter. So 1/2 rx'd at about 14 minutes.


13:51 / 367 steps


I am personally more of an Oikos/Agave/Almond Butter fan, but I can respect the Fage love.
BTW, Jess how is the shoulder?

18:29 and 397 rx'd.


While we're on the subject...

1/2 cup Cottage Cheese
2/3 Banana
tsp. almond or peanut butter
sweeten with Stevia (free!)


Ooohh, Adam, that sounds good! My fave is Fage/Sunflower butter/Agave.


14 something 390 steps,


weezy, i've never had/heard of sunflower butter. that sounds good though. shoulder i thought was okay. i ran my kids through a crossfitish wod this morning. none of them could do double unders so we just did singles. but it was 50 singles, 40 pushups, 50 singles, 20 squats holding jumprope over head, 50 singles, 20 burpees, 50 singles, 20 situps, 50 singles, 20 lunges, 50 singles. not to bad. should've up'ed the lunges, squats, situps and lowered the pushups. shoulde was good. then i came home and tried a handstand= no good. oh and my groin feels like i pulled it slightly. if that's possible. I'm falling apart. thanks for asking adam. i sure do miss you guys. we're going to be gone this weekend at the army vs navy game and then i'll be in dc all next week. i was thinking about stoping in at one of the affilates up there in alexandria. anyone got friends up there or been to any of them??
also anything about the 757 affiliate challenge? last word was possibly the 13th???

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