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December 22, 2008



Dang....too much for me before I go for a 10 hour massage-a-thon...Dang! Are there workouts on Wed./Xmas Eve?


Happy Monday!


haha oh the filthy 50's....thomi i'll bet you a dress that I can beat you on this...JUST KIDDING!


28:32 (the beginners load aka scaled down)
30 Box jump, 24 inch box
30 Jumping pull-ups
30 Kettlebell swings, 8kg.
30 Walking Lunge
30 Knees to elbows
30 Push press, 22#
30 Back extensions
30 Wall ball shots, l2# ball - I "love" the balls, NOT
30 Burpees (sprawl aka "girlie") working on it
30 Double unders


Flying home today! Yay for 70 degrees, Mexican food, In-n-Out, and Chargers football :D ...See y'all next week. Merry Christmas!!


25.35 rx'd PR.


25:46 as rx'd PR

Rob as promised, (got it off the journal blog):


article is a couple years old, but still a good read on performance enhancing drugs and elite athletes


56:57, yellow kettlebell, knees to something other than elbows.


28:18 as rx'd


Had to have some sugar after this one.....yikes! 46 min I think. Yellow kettlebell, kip'd knees to belly button, 16# wall balls, knees are bleeding from the burpees, but finished strong on the double-unders.....actually got 7-8 in a row a couple of times. Oh, can't forget that I fell off the box in the beginning. Can't even tell ya why or how it happened. Everyone at the 2pm should get 5-10 seconds off their time for my attempt to distract them.


crossfit lehigh valley
200 jumping jacks
150 air squats
100 abmat situps (un-anchored)
50 pushups
25 burpees


31:47 rx'd, pr by 7 minutes..
Burpees will not be getting any Christmas presents this year.

Jake H

27:35 as rx'd. Great way to kick off the week.


36:04 knees to pits
(PR by 5:23 and I was on a higher box and just did knee raises last time.


27:29 as rx'd


Don't remember what time I ended up with, but I finished the wod as prescribed . Not sure if anyone noticed my first push press as I slammed the bar in my chin. It felt great, yeah. Filthy fifty was an awesome crushing.


32:20 with 12#kb.

Thomi CFVB

29:32 as rx'd not sure if it was a PR but everything was legit as hell :)


41:01 w/ slight kip on knees to elbows

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