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December 23, 2008



Nice call Thomi, I like it...first Murph today!


=( wish I didn't have to work mornings...


Saturday's class back to normal?


god it seems like all the best work outs come when i'm not there!!! it won't be pretty when we get back, haven't been able to do much!


39:28 as rx'd w/ the 20# flak


Tommy you're a monster.


Tommy is a beast. Way to go. You earned a Christmas feast!

38 something and I did half the pull-ups/push-ups (with knees)/squats.


I hear ya, Jason...it seems like I have been missing all the good ones lately.....


I fell off at Thanksgiving. It will be like starting fresh in Jan when I come back to town. Aaaggghhh!!

Thomi CFVB

okay so I did double unders for the runs cause I did not want to burn out my shoulders for the pullups
225 double unders
20 rounds of Cindy
pullups unbroken
pushups first 5 rounds unbroken then to sets of 5
squats unbroken ( of course )
annnd 225 MORE double unders!! 500 double unders!
40:03 of FUN .... I love that shyt


53:50 rx'd w/ vest.


correction: 450 double unders(225+225=450). You can thank me later.

If anyone is wondering, and I know all of you are, I did not do this workout because it is too damn cold.


"S"Murph. 51.15-20 rounds of cindy with 225 double unders on each end. All done with 20# flak vest. If you ever hear the words "Hey, why don't you try...." come from Thomi's mouth, think twice.

Thomi CFVB

Nick.. I did that on purpose just for Gerry :) hahah but thanks

Thomi CFVB

Rob, time???


59:15 rxd.
Now I got 59:03 back in f'ing April but not sure if that was rxd or not and it wasn't cold then and my legs didn't cramp up then and there wasn't a waning crescent moon and yeah! What? I got excuses! So?




59:49 rxd -- OK, so that was pleasant! So doing 10 rounds was a bad idea and I did not catch the hint when Gerry came over mid pull-up to inquire about my personal program. ooops!!!

P.S. Does using my body fat count as a vest? If so, I work out with a vest EVERYDAY!


37:00 no vest

Jake H

First true "Murph"
53:15 as rx'd & 20 lb vest. I have some work to do.


51:12 with knees & no vest

21 minutes off the 72 minute October 30th Murph.

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