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June 04, 2008


Brian S

Early post?




Congrats to Penny and Chris on their 1 YR!!!


Today is the one year anniversary of Chris and me joining Crossfit Virginia Beach. Many of you know that we were Thomi's first clients. I got rather carried away and wrote the equivalent of a Crossfit Journal article detailing our experiences over the last year. It is far too much to post, but I thought I would share some of my thoughts:

* Crossfit rocks. I was trying to think of a more poetic way to
put it, but why?
* Crossfit works. Most people I try to explain it to think I am
nuts - my family refers to it as "the cult", my co-workers are a bit intrigued, and my orthopedic doctor listened to me and then referred me to a psychiatrist. I have tried using Coach Glassman's explanation to no avail. Does it matter? Hell no....all you have to do is look at pictures of us from a year ago, and you KNOW that this works.
* Crossfit is fun. The more the merrier. Anybody who has done the WOD by themselves understands this.
* Crossfit Virginia Beach is simply the best! We have great
trainers whose wealth of experience keeps it interesting and
challenging. We also have great members ...who make it even more interesting and challenging.
* Did I mention that Crossfit rocks?

Who knew when Chris and I were standing in Thomi and Pat's kitchen a year ago that CFVB would be where it is now? I surely didn't; however,I simply cannot thank the both of them enough for making this available to us. It has been a year of frustration and challenges as well as elation and success - and I wouldn't change a moment of it.

Thanks all!


Thomi CFVB

Congrats on your one year Chris and Penny :) it has been fun! You guys have been there through it all ( along with the rest of the garage days sufferers) and you have grown and along with us. I look at you today and have tremendous admiration for where you have come from (eg. The barrio run *walk*)pullups on bands, partial ROM squats and knee pushups. It is not only rewarding to you guys, watching you grow brings me happiness. Ok.. I am getting sappy. I think I leaked.. What is this an evil pixie tear? Ohh nooo :) love you guys lots!

Brian S

Way to go,Chris & Penny! See you tonight!






115,125,130,135,140F,140 (PR),145F





Brian S





215# PR wanted 225# but it just wasn't happening... :(


Thomi: 97.5# PR
Pat: 187# PR

Brian S

Nice job on the impromptu Fran at 7:00!


Weezy: 65 75 80 85PR 90f 87f 85f
Andrew: 95 105 115 125 130F 127 127 PR

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