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July 15, 2008



Holy crap! I didn't even recognize myself! And....that looks like bad form........oh well.


Thank God today is a rest day for me.

Saturday beat me up and yesterday kicked me while I was down.


Lisa, great picture!

I assume you think the form may be bad due to the bent arms. You may be right, or you may be wrong. It all depends on when they started to bend.

On a clean we are driving the load vertical. This occurs through a violent opening of the hip, then a powerful shrug with the traps. Elevation and momentum is created on the load. However, the only way to get the barbell to the front rack position is by allowing the barbell to continue on the vertical path you launched it on with your hips and traps. The arms will have to bend to allow this. The arms will bend and the athlete will retreat under the load to receive it.

The only time this is bad is if a core to extremity violation occurs. By that I mean the athlete pulls early with the arms before the hips and traps have done their job. The arms should just be straight straps during the hip opening and shrug. Then and only then do they bend to allow the barbell to travel on its necessary path.

If an athlete pulls early, they will blunt the power of the movement. That's why they say,"when the arms bend, the power ends."

So, if in the photo your arms are bending because you explosively opened your hips and just finished your shrug.....then you are perfect! :)


I wish we could see those heels.


what did my shoulders ever do to you?!


Candy 46:05. Not a good day and I didn't eat right this morning. Thanks for the push Rob.


Underway...opted for Murph today(57:36 no weight vest) as punishment for missing the weekend. Be back soon.


Aberdeen,MD. 5rds4time
45# kb c&j right hand x10
45# kb c&j left hand x10
36" wall jumps x20
pushups x30


Candy rx'd. 30.46


maggie 39:18 as rx'd


Roanoke WOD
3 rounds for time
500m run
DB DEADLIFT 45# 20 reps
Pushups 20 reps
Yes I made that one up. Sorry.


Pat: Maggie as rx'd in 1:26:11.

Yup, that's 1 hour, 26 minutes, 11 seconds. That kicked my butt more than any CF WOD I have ever done in the last 3 years.

Thomi: Candy in 38:?? as rx'd
We think that is right, she does not remember her exact time.

Great job tonight everyone!


Thomi: 38:50


30:48 - Candy

Brian S

Candy 31:05

rob n

Candy 30:27 as rx'd

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