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July 11, 2008



thats great!!!!


17:32 as rx'd...early morning WODs are not my friend.

Fellow CFVBr's,
I've really grown attached to CFVB and the many crazy characters that walk through the garage doors. My departure is most bittersweet and I hope to return to the area to visit and maybe for another assignment (AF willing). You've motivated and inspired me and I hope I've pushed some of you in return. I'm sure I'll continue to compulsively monitor the site and will let you know how things are going in AL and wherever after that.

Best wishes to you all. Keep up the intensity (as if Thomi, Rob, Gerry or Pat would let you slack off).


Brian S

See ya, Later, Andy! Don't slack off!

I am so ready after my rest day!

Brian S

In response to Adam's post yesterday, I have found the Tweezerman Ltd Safety Slide Callus Shaver/Rasp to be an excellent tool for trimming the hand calluses before a rip occurs. I found mine at the Harriss Teeter on VB Blvd (close to the Sam's club) for $14. I don't let my wife use it for her feet. She has to get her own.

I'm not too sure about the hair remover technique Jason mentioned, though.


15:10? as rx'd. Are you happy now patrick??


Dom, I am happier. Who said peer pressure does not work? lol


You absolutely rock brother. You were in the CFVB family from the early days of the garage. You will be sorely missed. I hope you do continue to check the site and post every now and then about your WODs and what is going on. I also hope the USAF brings you back our way.

It has been amazing to watch your body shape and work capacity do nothing but improve over the last year. You are motivated and disciplined. Keep it up bro.

Make some CrossFit happen down there!

Best wishes for your new duty assignment.


13:24 rx'd fun


10:18 as rx'd




12:32 as rx'd

Nice work Tré Dub.



Have fun in Ireland. Don't forget my crossfit dubin sirt please!


10:55 rx'd

I'm a stud.

Brian S

15:00 ish. I gotta yell louder.

Bring on the storm!

Thomi CFVB

Thomi: 21:57 or forever.. whichever comes first as rx'd
Pat: 9:31 or less than half my time...
SDLHP are my favorite. I want to do them whenever I have time to, except I would like them to be heavier...


17:0? 75# SDLHP 95# first round.

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