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July 07, 2008



I knew it.


F#*! Didn't see that coming


My day just took on an evil feeling.

Courtney Butowicz

damn..i knew i should have eaten better this weekend :(


8:19 #45/G

Brian S

Just what I was waitin' for!


6:51 as rxd pr by 1:34 :) "fran powered by food poisoning"


6.44rxd 33sec pr with the "everything but the zone" diet


21 @ 80
15 @ 75
9 @ 65

13:08 for my first Fran.

At 9 I pretty much abandoned hope of keeping the weight up. There's a joke in there somwehere about Pukey doing the old landshark SNL bit in my stomach towards the end.

New Skin rocks. Rocks rocks rocks. It made my bar work bearable.


5.39 as rx'd. PR by about a minute. Today I learned a valuable lesson about pain.


Lost my Fran card today in 8:45, ill take it for now. haze grey and underway till thursday.

Brian S

8:21 as rx'd- PR by 4:01

Rock em and Shock em!

Thanks for keeping me movin, guys!

I'll post the url for the ASYMCA Mud Run team registration later tonight for those interested.


10:24 as rx'd. 1:01 better than last time. PRs are your friend.

Brian S

Here's the Team Crossfit VB registration fot the Mud Run 8K on Aug 9th. we are limted to 5 members. A co ed team must have 2 females. If we have 3 more people than listed on the board, we can have 2 teams; one co-ed and 1 all male.

Brian S

Let me try it again!

Brian S

adam, we smoked those drop ins!


9:40 as rx'd


5:44 PR

Stupid zone, I can't find the blocks for pizza anywhere.


4:44 as rx'd

not happy!!!


CFVB Pullup Bar Score - 2. My hands - 0. PW'ed again, 4:19. Thought I'd go sub 3, instead I spent valuable time during the WOD discarding large patches of skin of my palm. Hooyah!


9:44 first time doing Fran.


First sub 10:00 Fran, pull ups sucked but hey you try to get 248 angry pounds up to that damn bar


8:42 as rx'd

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