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September 08, 2008


Brian S

Thanks for the break down; I was confused

Thanks for the break down; I was confused

Maybe I should have my coffee before reading the WOD.


I will have my coffee and then do my 2 burpees...sorry to miss this workout today. It looks awesomely painful!


this workout looks like true happiness


Is the next challenge the HSPU challenge? ...then on to ring dips, pushups and pullups? Thats like seven months of extra credit.


1 through 50. That's only 1275 burpees. Don't wait for the last day and try to catch up.


this is like cindy on steroids!!!

Dave W.

7rds as rx'd plus 40 pullups/30 pushups


Hey Adam, count me in on the "Burpee" challenge! :)

rob n

You guys are nuts...I'm in for the burpees.


i did 40 8 count body builders today, does that count. and can i count the arm circles and trunk twists that we did this morning toward anything, i mean they were hard....

Thomi CFVB

I think after that, you don't even need to crossfit today Jason Hehehe. I think you guys may be intersted in a local "crossfit affiliate" that has been using the CrossFit name and running classes while the decided to discontinue thier affiliation ( not pay the yearly fees ) because they felt that it was not a good investment.. hmmm sounds like a thief!!! It is a local phone call if you want to give them a ring and tell them how you feel.
I love it!!!!!!!!!


6 rounds as rx'd plus 17 pull-ups


7rds + 40,45 and 10


6 rounds, 10 pulls




m in on the bc


5 rounds 17 pull-ups (gb) +2 burpees today.


7 rds.+ 5 pulls. Fun. In a really sick way.

Thomi CFVB

6 roinds 35 pullups and 32 push ups ohhhh H E L L yea 530 rocked it. Penny is the bionic pushup womanm... Cursessssss I hate pushups!!

rob n

7 rounds 40 pull ups and 31 push ups


6 rounds plus 3 pullups. Then I went home and did my burpees. The fun never ends.

Brian S

DRAT!-The forces of the universe were against me today! What the hell, I'm a masochist-I will catch up on the burpee challenge tomorrow and do this wod 1st thing on the AM.


8 rds completed, then 22 pull-ups into the 9th rd.

Thank God Gerry yelled time. I could not stand the thought of another push-up.

Andrew....it was great suffering next to you buddy!


7rds + 40/45/10


6 Rounds + 35/40/2 + 2 burpees. Gr band. Great work everybody! Crossfit drunk when I left...at least I won't have a hangover tomorrow :-)

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