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September 29, 2008



Heavy Fran.....oh my.


i need to throw up.....

Marshall T - CFED

Thanks Pat and Thomi for the amazing Cert this weekend. I look forward to using all that I have learned to better train the folks at CFED.


Pat I believe I have found the solution for your "CrossFit Calves" problem.

Well, it was more or less forced on me.

According to *my* calves yesterday, the 40-inch "box" jumps have an impact on calves. A big one.

I'm walking better today.


11:06 rx'd.


todays performance brings to light the obvious correlation between both nutrition and performance.... Party all weekend in Atlantic City, eat crap, drink more crap.. Monday comes and I perform like crap...
66 Burpees in driveway at 1pm since I missed day 21,22 and today being 23


Marshall, it was our pleasure. Glad you had a blast.

Andrew, I may have to give that a shot. Nothing else is working!!

W^3....I think you may be on to something there.

Alright, off to the gym to deal with Fran's big sister.


18:4? scaled down to 115# on the thrusters
pullups as rx'd
23 burpees

Thanks for stopping my thrusters at 17, Rob. I was going for 21. As a suggestion, I think the WOD should be written on the board for all to see. Maybe in an eye catching color, like orange.

How's life w/o diet coke, Pat? have you given up all caffine, or merely denying yourself a pleasure?


9:38 as rx'd

for some reason 135# felt very heavy today...


135# Thrusters
2 pood swings



9.48 as rx'd


Thomi: 25:15 with an 85# thruster and pull-ups went 30# for the 1st rd, 25# for the 2nd rd & 20# for the last rd.

Awesome work, baby!! You gave it all you had and gutted it out. I'm proud of you. :)

Pat: 6:19 as rx'd

Brain....the Diet Coke is back in my life. My good friend has returned!


Pat, Pat, Pat....mineral water with raw sugar or maple syrup helped me get over soda.


95lb thrusters, red band pullups, 20+ minutes, don't remember exactly. Thanks for the help Gerry and Rob.


15-12-9 85#thruster 45#kbs 8:40

Jake H

This was a real treat. Had to drop weight to get it done. 11:15


20:56 @ 95/25. Quite a beat down.

Since everybody commented on the pics, there are more here:





Awesome pics!!

Jon Gilson

Pat, you f'n lat monster!

Jon: 16:30 Rx'd.

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