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September 05, 2008



yup that's my bum, thanks thomi!!!

Thomi CFVB

Yea.. It is kinda in the background.. I can't figure out what the heck you are doing lol ;) but yeaaaaa your butt is right there kinda sorta


that's why i couldn't get that bar off my shoulders, i was distracted!


Thats me climbing the rope, why is it when I am around people are always getting in the "is there something on my butt" position. I quess I am just lucky


22:01 w/ #75 HS; #145 DL; B/G bands. That was a tough one.


haha i was marking my rounds with chalk. too far of a walk to the wall.


26.?? as rx'd. My first rx'd hspu workout. Blood mohawks are fun.


Gerry and Joey:

Check out the affiliate page on crossfit.com and click on the link "bad mojo". I thought of you guys immediately.


33:14 2 to 1 abmat and clear band dips (weight as rxd)..thanks for the support thomi and gerry!!! :)scaling up sucks!!!!!!


21:15 w/ 2 abmat hspu and parallette pushups.


Yes Rob, ever wonder how you got that bad elbow?

23:45 as rx'd-with my beach towel, I think that's how I saw it on the video, right?


Hey Court, sucking sucks.


trust..i found out today how much..i dont like sucking! ;)


75# ugly HSC
2 abmat HSPUs with a smattering of negatives.
155# DLs
Ring dips again with a smattering of negatives.

Thanks 2pm for pullin up a chair and waiting for my a**.


32:23 as rx'd, rough one

rob n

20:06 95/155 i found out something today....i hate hang squat cleans!!


12:40ish as rx'd

Thomi CFVB

25:23 as rx'd... That was not as bad as I thought it was going to be since the handstands and ring dips slowed me down so I could breathe.. PS. Jessica, I think we did the math wrong for your bar, it was supposed to be 35# bumpers AND 5# weights as Gerry was nice enough to figure out for me before the WOD. I suck at math. It was awsome to see everyone do this WOD today.. You guys are simply awsome.
As for tommorow. If there are 30 mph winds and rain in the AM .. we will not be working out or anything oVER 30mph ( that is for you W3 dont want you showing up if there are 35mph winds and calling me to see where I am :) If not.. I will see all of you TOMMOROW

Thomi CFVB

ps.. rob the plate rule has been in effect since the garage days @CFVB :)



Brian S

32:08 at the community center. There were too many mirrors at the JCC for me to so HSPU, so I subbed with 95# PJ. Dipstand dips instead of ring dips.

For some reason, I was the only person there with sweat dripping on the floor.

It's tough to work out to Jason Mraz' latest and the englis ver. of 99 red balloons!

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