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September 22, 2008



Oh yeah! Time for Fifties!


Sweet. My first Crossfit workout was the 50's in May. Looking forward to doing it again.


This is going to be the hardest CF wod I have done in quite some time. I will not have my normal jet fuel pumping through my body. That's right, today is day #1 of trying to give up my precious diet coke.

The sky is a little grayer today.

Also, I'm still mentally traumatized from the Patriot's crushing defeat yesterday.

Well, it's 10:47am, every minute that goes by is a PR for no diet coke!


Pat, I hear Powerthirst gives you manergy.

If there was a team called the New England Yetis (or Yetriots), they would be my favorite, too.


Thanks 9am crew for hanging around until I finished. I hit a wall (or a few walls) somewhere in that work out.


pat eat some Mananas and you will be fine!


Hey Adam, are today's burpees counted as part of the challenge??

I'm thinking if we do (50) today we won't have to do burpees again until Wednesday, and then on Wednesday we only have to do (1) if my math is correct.


24:28 as rx'd


um no. Burped challeng burpees are counted separately from WOD burpees. Sorry steph.

Jon Gilson

Wow. 30:17, a full 1:29 off PR. Did Dutch say he did this in 13:00? Boy must have a rocket strapped to his butt.

Pat, you can't stop drinking Diet Coke. It's good for you. Don't let the man keep you down!




38:10. Then 16 more burpees.


Thomi: 31:27 as rx'd
Pat: 24:55 as rx'd

I felt like I had just done Fran when that ended. Man, that whooped me!

Thanks everyone for the advice to fill the hole in my life that used to contain diet coke.

Gerry, very strong work today. I just could not catch you, but trying to made it hurt A LOT!

Good stuff, Jon. I told Thomi not to program any HSPUs for at least the next month! lol (fat chance of that happening)

I had a blast at the 2pm class. Thanks everyone.


26.19 as rx'd PR by 2 minutes.


54:15, 10 actual box jumps, 40 step ups and 50 knee-(far from elbows)-ups all the rest as rx'd plus my 16 burpees at the end...gerry thanks for letting me stay to do them!

Jon Gilson

Solid work, Pat. I'm going to start drinking Diet Coke. We don't need another drag on the U.S. economy...


Stef: 38:35 as rx'd
Scott: 32:35 as rx'd


Pat..if it weren't for Diet Coke I couldn't make it through a day. There are simply some things not worth giving up.

Great job 5:30! I came in somewhere between 30 and 40 minutes..more subs than RX..and I still wanted to throw up at the end.


44:00, 40s, ghd situps, yellow kb, 32 lb push press, and probably some other scaling I can't remember right now. But no running.


41:37 with knees to armpits.

My PR was 38:00 but that wasn't as close to rx'd as this was so... a good day.

PS. I hate burpees.


Andrew and I were at Wasatch Crossfit here in Utah today with Damon. We did
1000m row
50 Thrusters 45#
30 Pull-ups (and add handicap for sea level lungs)

Andrew: 14:32
Lisa: 13:48 and then my 16 burpees (yesterday I did my 15 burpees at 11,000 feet btw....)

We loved their warm-up. Damon had us do the normal individual stuff and then pair up and do Pull-overs with the medicine balls and then a group thruster movements with the bar. We realized that we miss group warm-up stuff at CFVB.........


wall balls crushed me. pat I feel your pain about the patriots 4 especially since i bought the football package this year, what a waste.


29'35 as rx'd...!@#$ing burpees blow.


37:45 + my 16 burpees. When I hit the wall balls, it all started to go down hill. I picked a bad day to quit shooting meth.

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