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September 03, 2008



row row row your boat


Finally! Some chick pictures!


that's what happens when they give me the camera ;)


Thomi and I are off to the Blue Ridge Mountains in the jeep for an overnight camping trip. All you crazy CFVB'ers play nice while we are gone!

I will make sure Thomi does burpees on the trail to keep her fitness up. ;)


pat be careful, i hear there are killer beavers out there!


34:17, green band


This is going to take me awhile....


WOO HOO!! First workout with NO PU BANDS!! 29:45 w/step ups! Thanks for all the support 2 o'clock crew!

rob n

19:16 as rx'd

rob n

great job stef!!! you rock!!!


23.17rxd good job stef


Stephanie, you betta work B**ch!

24:14 as rxd with jess nipping at my damn heels.


18:58 as rx'd PR


36:13 w/ green band and step-ups. Good Job Stefani!


23:31 as rx'd. Great job stef.


33:08 as rx'd Congrats, Stefanie! And, Jill, you rock!

Scotty Walker

Hey to all crossfit VB, just want to say thanks for supporting my wife Stef. And awesome job babe keep up the hard work. See you soon.

Brian S

24:46 as rx'd


21:29 as rx'd

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