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October 11, 2008





1:13:59 95# deadlift, 12# dumbbells...thanks again for no running today Thomi!


1:24.51 minutes of pure fun!! bw 144#. 145# DL, 25# DB. i have to say i hate pushups but i actually looked forward to them today. have fun tomorrow boys and girls!! Great group today!!! now it's off to watch some rugby.


2:04:05. 165lb deadlift, dropping to 145 halfway, 30 lb dumbells. huzzah for pushups!


1:37:42 PRE_WOD WEIGHT 219.8
DL @ 225#
HSC w/ 45# DB's
35 burpees in warmup


53:49 i think.
DL: 160#
HSC: 40#

whack shoulder Andrew

Lots of wallball squat cleans today.

1:07:36 @95 * 20lb ball squat cleans from the floor.

Thomi CFVB

BW 115#
DL 115# DB HSC 20#
Previous time:
1:43:32 with
DL 110#
DB HSC 20#
28 minute improvement over last time with a 5 pound increase in DL weight ( which come out to 1050 more pounds over 210 reps wow neat! )Thanks to the rest of the pain church crew for the company and thanks to the painstorm crew who came in to watch us suffer! :)


BW 134#
DL 135# for Rounds 20-14 then dropped to 155#
DB HSC 15#

Thanks for inviting me to church!

Happy Belated Birthday Jill!!


Uh...yeah...that should be 115


correction should be 53:18


Hello, from "out there." I hope you don't mind that I use your workouts...I know that they're always going to be good! Is it alright to buy a shirt from you all (even though I am not a member of your gym)?

BW: 148 lbs
DL: 155 lbs
KB Cleans (no DBs): 16kg ea.
Time: 53:10::56


Thomi CFVB

Great time on the WOD! kudos for going after it by yourself. H@ll yea you can get a shirt.. I will be posting when they are avilible :) just drop me a line on what you want :)


Thx! Will do!

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