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October 10, 2008



hey...from Richmond, VA and I typically use your WOD as my own. I would love to get a t-shirt, preferably a Large.

yesterday's WOD-16:37

Thanks a ton!

Thomi CFVB

Rick, sure thing! Awsome time on yesterday's WOD :) I waiting to hear back from the screenprinters on price! WOW so yea I will let you guys know asap :) I am looking forward to painstorm tommorow :)


Flying to Toronto this morning for another cert, so I did this one with the 645am crew.

It was awesome working out with the early class since I usually don't get to see them. It takes a different mindset to hit it hard at that hour. My hats off to the regular a.m. CrossFitters!

9 rds as rx'd

I fell off the rope once after making about half way up. That was wicked cool. Perhaps there is a grip component to this WOD??


Thomi...it's like capturing a picture of "Big Foot"...finally proof I can do a squat after months of it eluding me, I now have documentation!


26:42 as rxd..made up yesterday's workout..ouch!


Active/ Warm-up day/Form Day for me since I hadn't been in since last Saturday! 6.95 rounds (i had one rope climb left!) at only 22#
Will do burpees this afternoon at the studio.


4 rounds, 45lb power snatch

Jake H

Solo workouts suck...5.5 rounds as rx'd.


8rds rxd 67 burpees in w/u to make up from yesterdays rest day


9rds as rx'd

Nick F.

I'm down here in Ft Bragg, NC. Yesterday's WOD was 23:59 rx'd.

Jake...if I would've known you were coming in today I would have joined you, b/c I was solo as well. You're right, solo sucks..it sucked so bad I couldn't even get into it today...my first time on the rope, and it wasn't pretty at all. 1/2 round!!

By the way Thomi, I'll take 1 LG of each shirt!


8 rounds as rx'd.com




5rds...15 lb HPS should have added more weight... (2rds as rx'd on rope climbs and 3rds of moded rope climbs)


Whooo! That felt great! 6 rds as rx'd.com :)

I hope I didn't freak out any of the newer people with my inner monologue. I may have used some explitives (mfr bombs & the b word a couple times). Hope I didn't offend.

Pat, I left a slightly used shirt for you in the bath room.


5 rds- 22#


7 rnds... can't wait for tomorrow brings us!


6 rnds w/47# HPC sub


7 rnds...bummer...

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