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October 02, 2008


Johnathan Millen M/31/5'9


21-15-9 reps of:
225 pound Deadlift
Handstand push-ups

Good morning Ive never done the hand stand push-ups before and I figured np......that sucked I smoked through the DL but the PU killed me thanks :0


Very cool pic. Ahh, heavy Fran....I loved that WOD. :)

Every now and then the heavens smile upon me. Today is one of those days. It is my rest day, that means no HSPUs for me! Yay!

I know, I know....they are exactly what I NEED to do, not what I want to do. But, I will enjoy the break for now.


24:30, 165 lb deadlifts, kicking into handstands against the wall. First time I managed that. Super fun!


11:38 wasn't horrible, but i just didn't want to do this one.....


f'n stopwatch didn't start...operator error.
1 abmat, time was somewhere between 0:00 and aww f*@#!


10.36 rx'd and 26 burpees in w/u.....
Last time we did it on 9/10 9.48 rx'd.....
F*$# F*$# F*$#!!!!!


12:12 as rx'd, PR by 42 sec


9:54 155 lbs and 2 abmats + 26 burpees.
i really have to work on my rom on hspu!!!

john i think it's the burpees.
ggrr adam!


26 burpees.

You guys with ROM issues....ever heard of yoga!? You got 2 good studios right near CFVB....i'm just sayin'....

Jake H

This has been a helluva week! 11:40 as rx'd


2:50 as rx'd finally broke that 3min mark :)


Great job Gerry..you were done before I even got started...6:??..very light, lots of bands


lisa i've seriously been thinking about hot yoga, where do you suggest?


9' 19" as rx'd


Jessica, you'd probably like Hot House the best. www.hothouseyogavb.com. There is also an awesome studio just a block or so from CFVB if you don't like to be hot. www.angelaphillipsyoga.com

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