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October 07, 2008



y do I always miss the best wods, first grace now isabel?
y is it not 12am but the post says it is? someones computer clock is off maybe?
I am not there to write it on the board but I will be having (2) Large CULT and (4) Large GET UR FIX, and will give you the money in advance whenever you request.
One day and I already miss you guys, think i have a problem?


I'm with you, John. I can't get there regularly and I've sunk into a deep depression. I think I need to SNATCH my self outta this funk:->


Grace then Isabel. Pat, it must be your birthday! Up next JT and Fran!!


Thomi, I'd like a medium of both shirts. I'll send my brother by to drop off money & pick them up whenever they're ready.


Rob W.....I know! WTF?! Grace, then Isabel? I'm not pleased. :(

Jon G...strong work yesterday, bro. Looking forward to seeing you in Toronto.

W^3....CFVB misses your big smiling head too!

Luke from Iowa, I will be talking with the shirt people today. I will pass on info about the shirts as soon as they give it to me. Sorry your post kept getting caught by the spam filter...

It's go time with old Isabel today.


w^3 are you sure you don't want to order smediums so they fit like that orange CFVB shirt you have??
i'll take a large in both shirts because i'm so big!!


i'll take one of each in a men's small please!!!


classic shirts! (1) of each in large


We would like to hear your ideas for shirt colors.

The "Cult" one will most likely be a dark grey shirt with the light grey writing and red font you see on the image. We were thinking about maybe hot pink writing instead of red for the ladies? Thoughts? Yes/no/doesn't matter?

Now, about the "get your fix" shirt...any ideas on shirt colors? We could do a light grey shirt, like the color in the image or we could do any color shirt we wanted and have that picture on it. We would just have that exact square with the chick snorting on the shirt, same color as the image, and the rest of the shirt could be any color of our choosing. Does that make sense?

Anyway, we are going to speak to the shirt people today, hopefully. So send the ideas my way.


I like the hot pink for girls on the cult shirt, but I'm also a fan of the red. With that said i could also by a boys shirt. But i like both. and i like the dark grey idea.
for the get your fix shirt i like the light grey and maybe light pink. or maybe a red shirt?
where would the picture on the front be positioned?


We were thinking about positioning the picture on the front center, perhaps slightly high. However, we could reverse it....meaning put the "get your fix" on the front and have the chick on the back...


i think the i like the front


I'm with Jess on the chick on the front deal. That charcoal color is hot and it would also be cool to have a black shirt with that design highlighted somehow. In any case I would a large of each one. See y'all at 1730 for some Isabel.


8.44 as rx'd. First time rx'd with this one. Good times.


8:41 as rx'd yeah.... that's about all i have to say on that

can't wait for the shirts :)

Thomi CFVB

Thomi: soo I did this one twice.. first time @ 65# in 11:38 and then went outside talked to Amber loaded another bar and did it again @ 52# that was over at 20:15 since the clock was still running for some that were still completing the WOD ( Gerry estimatedit took me 6:30 to finish the WOD at 52# )
Pat : 5:51 rxd
( all reps squat snatch for both )


cf pittsburgh wod, to long to type 31 burpees in warmup
I like black shirts but whatever the group decides I can go with that.


Hey guys! I met a few of y'all a week or so back when I joined in on some pull-up & deadlift fun. I had a great time & thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome!! I'll be back in about 2 weeks when I complete my San Diego to VB move! Just wanted to say, the shirts look awesome & please definitely count me in on a small of each!! Also, Thomi, you had mentioned possibly doing a Buddy Lee order when I was out there?... if it happens, will you count me in on that too? :) Thanks!! See y'all soon!


Hi guys and gals, Im a Royal Marines Commando from the UK and have been hooked on CFVB since starting it in Afghanistan 6 months ago. I was just hoping there might be a chance of getting a couple of T-shirts sent to the UK, will pay all the associated costs, as they are cool as f!@*. If its possible let me know, if i get the chance to come over to the states i wanna come down and see all you guys. Keep up the painful work :-)



That's totally cool you are doing our workouts. Please post your times, we'd love to have you as part of our on-line community. We can certainly get a t-shirt out to you. Be safe and thanks for standing the watch.

Stephen at college

Please put me down for a large 'get your fix' shirt. That shirt is by far the sickest CF shirt I've seen yet. Miss you guys!


I would like a large girls cult shirt please. The shirts look awesome and I cant wait to get back working out with you guys!

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