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October 27, 2008



yeah..the whole back side of my right arm is covered in whip-like bruises from those damn things.......why just the right, i dunno?


I had a small panic attack when I saw this WOD. I will be stretching out the old shoulders on the plane today prepping to do battle with this one.


19:30 w/ all sorts of mods...
handstands for HSPUs
blue band on ring dips

Johnathan Millen M/31/5'9

That sucked.....I need to make some of those PVC pipes so I can get a full extension on the HSPUs... so for today we Sub'd 135 Pound push press for the HSPUs all else as RX'd 12:40...And Cynthia tweaked her bicep last week doing angie but she says she's good and should be there tonight.


27:21 w/ negative dips on rings. Stoopid shoulder. All else as rx'd.
Yeah, and I finished Adam's Burpee Challenge yesterday, doing all 50 straight through. Set a 6 second interval and breezed right through it. Maybe there is something valuable in it.


29:40, handstands and red band ring dips.


15:46 as rx'd - PR

Great job today on the HSPU's Jonathan! Congtats on losing the bands!


14.16rxd cant seem to figure out when we did this last...anybody???bueller?


23:30 first time as rx'd


15:22 as rx'd w/paralettes


16.45 as rx'd. 19.05 rx'd last time. Yay me.


10'29" as rx'd


JT on June 6...33:30 with 3 ab mats and negs.

JT Today...15:30 with 2 abmats and negs.



20:46 with lot's of help b/g band hspu's except for last 5 and it was g/g, and red band on rd's....I hate Mondays :)


52:23 but i lost the bands; I'll be anxiously awaiting another go at it; Thanks Thomi, Tommy, and Amanda for your support today.


Did anybody catch a glimpse of my pride leaving the building a few minutes in?

I think it came back to kick me in the teeth at the start of my push ups.

... "you may feel a slight sting. That's pride" ... (Tarantino FTW)

50+ minutes with negatives on HSPUs and dips, knees and onesies on push ups.


too long to remember, i think i had dinner in between second and third rounds, but broke down to 1 abmat for hspu's and no band on ring dips. first time for ring dip workout as rx'd. wee! thanks to everyone for standing around and cheering/ watching my mess

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