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October 31, 2008



Really? more squats? one legged at that?
On a serious note, some thing to consider, 100oz's is roughly the equivalent of 9 - 12oz beers. So why dont we give a head count as to whom will be participating in the century so we have an idea of how much beer we will need?


count me in as well... i was thinking i would make some jello shots, anyone interested in that???? other wise i might must make some zone snacks.


Today just became my Rest Day. I feel like Linda & Murph tag-team murdered me. Y'all do not mess around out here! I definitely won't be missing the Halloween WOD & party!! As far as me & the Century, I can't imagine I would actually make it through all nine beers, let alone 5 beers... I'm what some might call, a lightweight. Looking forward to meeting everyone!


should someone be bringing shot glasses for said beers?


Missed Murph again.
I'd like to make up Murph today during the 2pm class. I'm bringing an extra vest...anyone else?

Thomi CFVB

Shot glasses / shooters would be rad!! :)


i have some plastic shot glasses and i have ones that you freeze.... i'll start making them tonight..


I have to make a Target run today, so I'll look for some plastic shotware. ...otherwise I do have a few shot glasses that have been removed from various San Diego bars that I can bring :) Let you know how Target goes!


Yeti, I'll do Murph with you today. If thats cool.


i will be participating tomorrow!! W^3 you thinking of a keg rather than individual cases? yeti..if your at the 2pm i would love to make up murph with you :)


12rds as rx'd


just picked up shot glasses @ party city. Between Jessica's & mine we should be golden!


I cannot wait for the sweet smell of the CFVB gym tomorrow. Apperantly swearing/sweating is frowned upon at the gym in the hotel where I was staying. I am in for tomorrow, I have some shot glasses I will bring, along with a side dish...TBD when I get groceries tomorrow. I will not be partaking in the challenge because my belly does not like beer and my liver can't take that many shots, but I look forward to the entertainment!


Hey guys...leaving for Akron for my parents 30th anniversary. Dom and I would love to throw down at the box tomorrow with you all. Drink some for us...Happy Halloween! See you on Monday.


Andrew and I are sorry to miss the party! We are celebrating surviving our first year at the yoga studio with a little shin-dig. Enjoy!


Man, I am sorry I can't make it tommorow, I have to work. How come all the workouts that I want to do are on my work days? I wonder if I can do tommorows workout at the station?


2 rounds, much scaling.


Murph with body armor 1hr 00min 46 seconds.
Thanks Court, David and Justin for running that with me...even though you all beat me.


8 rds as rx'd.



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