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November 17, 2008


justin S.

what can do as an alternate for the ring dips

Thomi CFVB

Justin, you can do bar dips, multiply the reps by 3 ( I think it is 3 )


6 rounds +17 squats. At round 5 switched Pull-ups to blue band... I keep messing up my shoulder/arm. Someday I should probably just let it rest :/

+15 HSPUs on G/B band.


oh yeah, ring dips with red band


8rds rxd, 14hspus (for yesterday) still owe todays


5 ring dips short of 5 rounds.
Blue band on ring dips.
Had to make up like 4 pull-ups on my 5th round for not getting my chin over the damn bar!....that cost me...ergh


Yeah, my shoulder has been bothering me, too, Amanda. I let it rest last week and it feels much better now =)


15hspus at 2pm for today


8 rds +10 squats. +15 HSPUs.


7 rds w/ clear band for dips...f'n dips!


6 pathetic rounds, ZONE WOD!


6 rounds with neg ring dips. about 1/2 way thru the 7th round....that's ok....wasn't going to make it thru any more ring dips anyway.

Jake H

9 Rds as rx'd.

Sylvia Katz

In your best Jewish American Princess accent please:
Oh for the love of Moses, I've been sick as a dawg and and in bed all day. I don't know if I can handle another day away from my favorite people at CrossFit. Hold on...I'm getting verklempt. Oh. Hold on. Oh. There, I'm betta. I'll see you all on Wednesday. Do you know how hard it is to do hand stand pushups with a head full of schpielkus? Oy vey!


10 rounds as rx'd + 15 HSPU.


6 rds exactly w/ blue band pull-ups and green band ring dips


4 rounds, blue band pull-ups, red band ring dips.


14rds as rx'd


10 rds as rx'd


Three ring dips short of counting the sixth round.

5 rounds, blue band on the dips.

Jason was a machine right next to me.

Good job tonight everybody!!!

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