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January 19, 2009



Narnians!!! MOUNT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ quote of the weekend :)

I would like to get a team together to run the Shamrock 8k (4.97 miles). We had a team later year and took 2nd place. Lots of fun!!! It's not the day after St. Patty's day this year, it's Sat March 20th. the cost is $40, you get a t-shirt and some other stuff.
Let me know if you're interested. Email me at anjel070@hotmail.com.
So far it's me, Jason, and JW. We can have as many people as we want. The 2 fastest dudes and faster girl's times are counted.


okay looks like some others are interested
this is the link to register http://www.active.com/framed/event_detail.cfm?event_id=1545145

register as a team member.
Team name: Crossfit Virginia Beach
password: cfvb
if it has you fill in race it is : 8k MIXED
it ends up costing $43.60 (processing fee)
registration deadline is Feb 15


by the way is anyone else a little scared of this wod??


I'm skerred.


It looks like you guys had a blast! And if there is a Wii and guns next time we are so there! :-)


Pull ups - 6 min
Sit ups - 2:15
Squats - 2:09
Push ups - 4:48


Pull-ups - 10:00
Sit-ups - 3:01
Squats - 2:50
Push-ups - 12:12
RX'd... mother f'er.


I'll still be doing pull-ups long after everyone else is done. Then I will be the center of attention! Yay!


pull ups 6.07
Sit ups 2.46
Squats 2.05
Push ups 5.43


Pull-ups - 12:21 (50 clear band/50 blue)
Sit-ups - 2:34
Squats - 2:52
Push-ups - 7:09 (knees)
Felt funny afterward, but Thomi saved - power to the "sugar pill"


Pull-ups 4:49
Sit-ups. 1:56
Squats. 1:57
Push-ups 4:12


Pullups 7:11
Situps. 2:28
Squats. 1:42
Pushups 6:40


Pullups 10:33
Situps. 5:04
Squats. 3:37
Pushups 11:26
So happy to be in the gym.
Lesson learned? Don't take a length of time off.


Jessica Jason
Pullup. 10:10 5:27
Situps. 1:52 2:30
Squats. 2:39 2:28
Pushups 13:00 6:15
i heart pushups!!


jessica broke comments!

pull-ups 22:31
sit-ups 5ish?
squats 4ish?
push-ups 15:30?

First 100 pull-ups as rx'd, which means no more bands. Hooray?


why won't the italics go away?


you have to check this gym out!!!!
it's hilarious, at least i think so
Embedded video from CNN Video


10:06 Pull-Ups
3:49 Situps
3:44 Squats
12:45 push ups (50 on knees)



hmm underline doesn't work for me. Italics should be off now.

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