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January 05, 2009



Row: 1.79
Back Squat:
5 @ 75#
5 @ 85#
5 @ 95#
5 @ 105#
F @ 110#


2.5 row.


Forgot to get row info.


1.59 power ratio
348 W
218.6 = bw


2.3 on the rower.


bw: 142, 280 watts = 1.9 power ratio...
it truely sucks coming back. i'm never going to go that long again without doing something.


2.14 power ratio


1.64 power ratio @ 154 pounds


curses. Upon further review it's *not* a PR.




Thomi CFVB

1.7 power output
ended out at 150 x 5 .. need to go up.. prob like 165 at least. power of salmon!!!!!!!


For those wondering why we used the 500m row power output, here is a decent yet somewhat confusing article:

One watt (W) is the rate at which work is done when an object (m) is moving at one meter per second (s) against a force of one newton (N).
1W=1(N x m)/s.
One newton is equal to the amount of force required to give a mass of one kilogram an acceleration of one meter per second squared. 1N=1(kg x m)/s2.

An equivalent we are more likely familiar with is horsepower. 1HP=745W.
So, if you can achieve 745W during the 500m row you are a horse.

The power ratio of Watts divided by bodyweight gives you an idea of your overall pound-for-pound power relative to each other. Two rowers, each with a 400W row, one at 200lbs and the other at 150lbs, will finish at the same time on an indoor rower. However, put both rowers on water where they are forced to pull their own bodyweight, and the 150lb person will finish first--better power to weight ratio (2.66 vs 2.00).

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