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January 20, 2009



RobW - Bro, thanks, I am going to check out that journal... as for pistols-assisted not being rxd, I did not know that. I plead stupid with jason!


Thank you, Rob! I learn so much from you!
Back Squat 165 pr
Shoulder Press 70
Deadlift 195 pr
Total: 430
Happy Blizzard!


We should get a winter wonderland pic of us today & post it on the affiliate page !


Made up yesterday at Y in Olean, NY

Pullups- 6:13
Situps- 4:15 (un-anchored, no abmat)
Squats- 3:13
Pushups- 6:23
Lacking- the intensity of my peeps


Just finished watching the "Midline Stabilization Part 3: The Pull-up" video in the CF Journal, Rob. It was everything we talked about this morning. My kipping problem and low back issues are making sense. Thanks again!


weezy what are you eating/doing?!?!?! you have been wreckin' it!!!!! i wanna know!!!


Back Squat: 350
Press: 165
Deadlift: 445
Total: 960 PR


bs: 335
sp: 165
dl: 415
total = 915

bs: 165
sp: 85
dl: 215
total= 465


BS: 300
SP: 155
DL: 350
Total: 805


Awesome work Rob!

The Banana King

BS: 270 (15lb over previous)
SP: 105
DL: 265 (10lb over previous)
Total: 640


Well, Jess, I am not doing Zone like I'd like cuz it is too much work for my wee little brain. (i need a zone coach)

I guess I just try to find the balance with it all. Yoga and Crossfit. I'm still a vegetarian and powered by tofu. And, on nights like tonight, I have a beer for dinner and then some warm milk before I go to bed...not too hungry.

You and Thomi are my inspiration though!


bs: 225 (+10)
sp: 120 (+5)
dl: 275 (+5)
620 (+20)
apologies to Brian and whoever else was trying to be helpful, I was especially whiny tonight.


My crappiest Total to date. Lets pretend it never happened.

bs 115
sp 55
dl 140
Total 310


BS: 275
SP: 135
DL: 325

Total: 725

I fail at midline strength...


335 = PR
165 -10
405 -10

905 -20


Apparently I fail at math too:

Total = 735


225pr (10 over previous)
115 (20 under previous)
325pr (20 over previous)

665 (10 over previous)

-no worries

Thomi CFVB

Back Squat 185 matched pre PR,failed at 190. should have it next time!!!
Press 77 PR
Deadlift 190 PR back not perfect :(

total= 452

MIDLINE IS EVERYTHING! :) you guys all rocked it.. it is great to watch you grow!

LP, aka Nuh Uh

1st Time

645 Total


Damn Rob!




Gotta get my back sorted out on those dead lifts.


bs 275
sp 195
dl 350
Total: 820

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