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January 31, 2009



i think you forgot tire flips and burpees!!! haha i really wish i could make this one but i have duty tomorrow. if you might do it later in the day i might be able to swing it.


this is going to hurt! i hate myself


jess, if thomi does sunday i'd love (love?) to join you. i have to teach a workshop today and will miss. thomi??


Ditto on what Lisa said.

Thomi CFVB

Sunday is my first rest day since the trip to the farmhouse, and I will be using it to full capacity. Gerry,on the other hand has another commitment today and may be coming in on Sunday or later today, I am not sure :)


Pwetty pwees, Gerry...........




14.23 rx'd. Ouch. Nice creation Thomi.


26:30-planks on GHD-thanks Thomi


36:08, blue band ring dips, knees to something


29:05...lots of subs for Rehab Girl, but a very good time! @ Marine Gym NOB (I have witnesses, but no pictures)

Thomi CFVB

DAY 31 COMPLETE!!! Yay!! I get a rest day :) 19:11 as Rx'd
Jeremy 17:30 Rx'd
Off to breakfast now :)


Nice work Thomi! You're a beastie! A cute one!

As for me, 27:30 with knees 2 pits.

As for the Superbowl... I'm whipping up two "Outside the End Zone" versions of deviled eggs, so come hungry and be ready to cheat, sort of.


will be making it up tomorrow morning. probably 9 or 10. who's in?


what do you say gerry??


I am in for tomorrow. what time?


count me in!


Yay! Chris and I are in =)


27:something - KTA

Anyone that needs directions for the Superbowl party tomorrow, give me a call! 858.761.1151


10 it is. See you guys then


THANKS GERRY n' thomi for letting us make this one up.
since i couldn't come in this mornin due to silly duty. i made one up at the gym this afternoon.
100 double unders
100 situps, feet slightly, anchored, no abmat :(
75 du's
75 squats
50 du's
50 walking lunges
25 du's
25 pushups


If you want, I don't mind coming in to run the clock. Lemme know.




23:48 knees to armpits and blue band on dips


I'll be there!

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