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January 24, 2009



Oh, me likey!


Repost your link, Rob. It was a good one!


A blurb reposted: http://www.malepatternfitness.com/2009/1/21/729664/own-your-movements

Man, I'm relieved that it's not JT. That work out is my nemesis.


9.07 rx'd. Nice work Saturday peeps!

Thomi CFVB

8:57 as rx'd great job everyone! Ropes flying everywhere and no incidental neighbor whipping :)


Awesome Burpee form in that pic.


14:23 rxd.

We need more rope climbs. Okay, maybe I need them.

JT who? It's wiped from my mind.

I like to think my first burpee looks like that pic. I suspect the rest don't.


John <3's ropes


16:48... Still recovering from even the idea of JT!


16:45...well more likely :35 or :40 cuz Thomi couldn't hear me..it doesn't really matter...I loved that WOD!

The Banana King

21:11 as rx'd! Finally did rope climbs!


30:40. Double-unders make me wish I was invisible.


8:33 as rx'd

fun stuff... don't worry nick they will come just keep at it


17:38 with cowboy twirly thing at the end free of charge

I was relieved not to find JT on the board. I should have participated in Adam's Handstand Challenge.

"I always feel like somebody's watchin' me"


I've got another hand stand challenge ready to roll-out. Im sure this one will be a personal one though.

18:32? subbed the 6th rope climb. Sorry :-(

I too <3 ropes, when they don't break and I'm not totally winded.


That one looked like fun. Triceps couldn't handle JT today.

Hey, check out the pic on today's affiliate blog. That guy has the most awesomest lifting shoes.


16:18 as rx'd


subbed 100 singles for the double unders
subbed those laying down rope climb things


Good job, Amber! Welcome to the Terror Dome! :-)


19:21 sub rope climb - dbl unders are soooo not my friend. Thanks for all the encouragement. BTW Amber you rock - she went and shoveled sh*# after the WOD

Jake H

17:45 as rx'd .

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