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February 21, 2009



oooooohhhh!!! good one, haha!!


A Lil' 'Bout Adam:
I can't make it today because one of the hats I wear in life outside CF (if that even exists) is the Regional Director hat for a children's creative problem solving competition called Destination ImagiNation.
Today is the 2009 Regional Tournament for Tidewater and as Tournament Director, I sorta have to be there. I've got close to 600 kids from Kindergarten through University age showing up to compete in challenges that they chose which focus on robotics, structural engineering, theatre, improv, science, history, literature and art. Teams from around the world solve the same challenges in similar tournaments and the winners of each state and country go on to compete at a Global Finals. So I just wanted everyone to know that I'm not sleeping in or cherry-pickin' the WODS, I've just got some other sh*t to do.

If you feel like checking this out you can drop into Tallwood High School today in VB. That's only if you can stand throngs of brilliant children running about. Its a hectic day but its worth it to see some of the creative solutions the kids come up with and how they figure out how to do do stuff that most lazy adults scoff at.


Wow, Adam. You are supporting an awesome event! Crossfitters are f'in awesome people, not just athletes.


AdAm i still think you're bs'in all of us. tournament director, that's a first. you just don't want to be running in 22 degree weather!!!
only kidding, that's sounds like a great event. good luck with all those kids!!
maybe we can come there and do a wod with them!

p.s. i REALLY an not looking forward to running in the cold.


32:21, rowing, 40lb db thrusters

Excellent work everybody! Now let's all go have milkshakes!


jason 14:42 jess 19:00 that was a doozy!!! good work today joey, oh wait.....


16:02 as rx'd


16:30 as rx'd


17:15rxd Nice jab jason


27:42 RX'd. I heart thrusters.


37:?? clear/red(21) band 52#. I think 35 mins was running! Thanks everyone for the encouragement, this week was rough to come back too and I am soo happy we ended it with running.


23:20 I think - I know it's 23:??
Red / 42#
Thanks everyone for all your encouragement


31:11 black/42#
Thanks everyone for pushing me. Today was rough, I only worked out once this week because work was so crazy. Was definitely feelin it.



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