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February 23, 2009



That was funish ;) 16:30 red/52#


I won't be running with the team, but 'll be running the Dolphin Challenge (8k & 1/2 marathon). I'll proudly wear the "snatches" shirt!


this looks like a good one!


I won't be running with the team, I'm doing the 8K though with some friends. I'll probably grab one of the shirts though. See you at 5:30.

Pa Matt

15:21 Rx'd.
I actually really liked this WOD.

Amanda Vaus

If you buy a shirt, make sure you get a size or two too big. They run small!!

Thomi CFVB

20:51 as rx'd (95# HPC) ... I had myself convinced I couldn't do the HPC as rx'd prior to the WOD.. But they went ok :) yayyy ring dips are the best. We should do them with knees to elbows!


thomi..i love you! 19:24 w/ clr band dips & 30:? down to 5/21...good to be back :)


Amanda if the shirts run small I probably can't fit a womens XL. Do you think anyone will look at me funny if my shirt says I <3 Snatches? Hahaha!


7:50 as rx'd


Amber don't worey about of. I'm wearing the womens short because I don't shamrock snatches.


Problems solved! Both shirts are now on there in both mens & womens sizes :) ... the link to all shirts is www.lillie.spreadshirt.com


i will PROUDLY wear the I shamrock SNATCHES shirt Adam..but then again, that's no secret ;)


Failed to try (FTT?). The stress from the constant feelings of rejection and failure is burning a hole in my stomach. What do I need to do to be accepted?

Thomi CFVB

Nicholas, You have already been accepted a LOOOONNNNG time ago.. You have NEVER been rejected. The rejection is all in your head. We have already talked about this. To post something like this makes us look like a "closed" group, which we are far from. You have been included in everything we do. I am not sure what else to say. You can always try your "take all my clothes off in the middle of a WOD" idea.....




16:07 green band 72#. Good push Amanda. Nicholas, you are one of us....a group of people doing a painful yet oddly fun workout (except on running days of course).


7.36 as rx'd.


7:32 i forgot what jess said she got!!


HPC @ 75# (should have gone heavier)
legit ring dips

F word, that was incredibly frustrating.


17:04 95# HPC, red band on dips... dude nicholas, just jump on in!!! i know it may be hard cause we are all a bit overbearing, but i wouldn't have wanted anyone else on the team when we did that stupid clues game at the farmhouse. you ARE accepted, we just know that you're quiet... sometimes. i gotta tell you. you doing some of the wod's we do with dumbbell's is SCARY. it's so much harder that way!!! you are DEFINATELY one of us. you joined the cult and didn't even know it.


Nice job on the shirts Amanda :) See everyone tomorrow!!


8:39 wimpy ring jumps, 42#

should have gone heavier, I will next time, it's weird trying to figure out what weight to do when you have never done that particular lift/move/whatever.

Amanda, you're a beast. So impressed with your ring dips!


40:36 rxd (except for those last 20 dips when I grabbed a blue band). That was really heavy. Thanks for all the support everyone at the 530 and even the 7pm because I think I was still going when you showed up. I want to start to get a feel for those rxd WODs so I know what the goal line feels like. Any feelings of complete and utter inadequacy were tempered by thoughts that I actually moved 135# 42 times.


Nick. This isn't high school anymore. We're all adults. I don't know what childhood was like for you, but I was picked on, left out and bullied A LOT. The only way out of that trap is to let the fear go. That fear of rejection you hold so close is causing you to create that rejection in your mind. You must actualize a different reality. The fact that you show up, tells us all that you've got spirit, heart, determination and a desire to be the fittest you can be. Just like the rest of us. Focus on that stuff and you'll realize that nobody is rejecting you. Good luck. We're here for you.

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