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February 20, 2009



That should read NOT WORK OR FAMILY SAFE. I think part of that got cut off.


Jon Gilson shoots from the hip.



Badass checklist:

A soldier in the most powerful military in the world: Check

A man who left behind loved ones to fulfill an oath of duty to the United States, its citizens, and its Commander in Chief: check.

To live and work and fight in a country with an inhospitable climate and an inhospitable culture: check.

I have an incredible respect for the men and women who serve our country, their sacrifice allows all of us to enjoy liberty.

However, when I watch this video I don't find it humorous, uplifting, or inspiring.
When I watch this video, it pisses me off.
Not because I think this soldier is unjustified in his anger and frustration, I can't even begin to imagine what those conditions are like, but because it reminds what a colossal injustice the American political system has done to our troops.

That culture is so, so ancient; the tribes their have been fighting each other for thousands of years. Their loyalty is to their tribe and not their country because, "Iraq" was a country created by the League of Nations in 1920 and thrust upon the people who live there. America, on the other hand is a nation created by the citizens who live here. That creates a type of loyalty that can't be garnered through some artifical title like "Iraqi police officer." I don't want to digress too much here but I guess the point I'm trying to make here is this:

Regardless of any political opinion about the justifiability if the invasion of Iraq, I figured the least we could have done was read a history book first. No solid plan to rebuild a post invasion infrastructure in a historically violent, tribal, tumultuous region puts our warriors in a position of frustration, helplessness, and downright rage. And that pisses me off.



AMEN BROTHER! I could not agree with an opinion more strongly.

Cindy 12 rounds (+ 5 pulls, 5 push) which makes that a ........ PR!!!!!!!
Nice work Jonathan on giving Mary a shot.


Mary: 9 rounds rx'd PR. HSPUs felt suprisingly "good" today.


Rob, don't hold back, brother. Just let it out.


Mary - 6 rounds
HSPU blue/blue - For some crazy reason I really find these to be lots of fun!!!
PU Red
First time doing Pistols - good to know I can do them / not pretty but yeah, I did it!!!

Adam - If I were a super hero I would definitely have to be A.D.D. Girl. ha ha (Thomi I think you might agree)

Chris USMC

Hey guys, funny thing this Navy guy here in Afghan bet me that I couldn't do more then 18 rnd's of Cindy with a 30lb Flak (i can do 24 rd's rx'd). I did 18rd's with 1:35 min left on the clock I cought a bad cramp around rd 15. I took video of it but the battery went dead 10min into it.


hell ya chris. navy guys are stupid!


a couple of us are going to run a 5k Ballator Wounded Warrior Fundraiser.
Saturday March 28th 9am
starts at Neptune's park 31st and is down the boardwalk.
$20 online $25 day of

Register at http://www.active.com/page/Event_Details.htm?event_id=1686620&assetId=8687f8e5-1621-43f6-8471-0924dd5fbc03

Bellator's Link http://www.bellatornation.com/bww5k.html


since thomi decided that cindy was no longer an option..met mary for the first time..with EVERY modification possible lol - 5 rds (1 abmat, big box, partial rom)...ya..good times


13rds as rx'd again


7 rounds
HSPUs on B/B


Glad to see so many Mary takersonners(?). What's 5k, 3 miles?


6 Rounds rxd


5 rds of Mary

Mods = lots of box tonight, I got some small box, then I got some big box


8 rounds of mary. that video was awesome. how do i get a copy of the link so i can send it to some of the candy a$$es i work with


4 rounds-it's like the first time


mary, 3 rounds, 40lb dumbell shoulder press, small box

5k = 3.1 miles


Chris - good to hear from you, way to stay strong!
Semper Fi


Mary -7rounds one ab mat/sml box

Thomi CFVB

Mary- 9 rounds as Rxd .. PR


Mary Mary, why ya buggin?

A painful 4+ rounds totally modified:
HSPU negatives only
pistols big box negatives

At least I got pullups

johnny b

this guys is a moron. Sorry, but been there done that. he got nothing accomplished, he motivated no one. You vent with your own

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