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March 05, 2009



hmmm fun stuff :)


I don't know if I have any more shrug in me.

Let's be bold.


wow, does that say split jerk?!?!?!?!?!


anyone care to scale up to 115 or 135 maybe??


Yeah, I'm down for 115#... nothing like 45 bodyweight overhead squats ;) ... think I'll stick to 65#.


nope you already agreed, you are in for 115


Negative L pull-ups
52# - round 1
42# - rounds 2-3


24:45 @ 115


31:53 @ 75#
and I was all by myself at 0900. Thanks for the help, Rob.

Got my "snatches" t-shirt today!




Snatches? We don't want no stinkin' snatches!

35:30 @75#, N-Pullups, K2A

I only took my time because I knew Amber would whip out the camera. What?


21:19 @ 65#, sub'd neg L pu

thanks amanda for the reminder that it was hang squat and not from the floor. i even had it written right next to me. haha.
nice job on your hang squat cleans Jo, your form is looking good!!! i think you're butt almost hit the floor a couple of times. i wish i was that flexible. i gotta get back to yoga on a regular basis


22:19?? @22#, knee raises for L pu & KTE

jessica, I'm with you, I saw the pics I took of jo at the bottom of a squat and I was seriously jealous haha.

Adam I knew that's why you were stallin, here is your reward: pics


23:06 @ 115#


thanks for sharing the pics amber! you ladies are way too kind...what looks like flexibility is just the weight of the little 22# bar pushing me down to the floor ;) it's amazing i could come back up! :)

so...28:13 @ 22#, negative knee pullups, knees to something not even close to elbows-- or armpits for that matter..but fun times all around! thanks for the help when i forgot what i was doing, jess. and thanks rob and gerry for the pointers tonight. see everyone tomorrow!


I made my right quad very angry and had to bail after two rounds. It's left over from bad form on Randy but one-legged overhead squats didn't seem like a good idea.

23-something after two rounds with H negatives at 52.

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