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March 02, 2009





Dress warm kiddies!
Maybe afterward we can build a snowfitter and have hot chocolate.


Bummer about the weather....I need to get back in there! I was thinking about wearing golf shoes (metal spikes) for this wod too.


boooo :(


Sad the gym is closed....not sad that I don't have to run today.


REALLY????????????????? you got to be kidding me.




Retraction..... My bad peeps, I rashly addressed a situation only thinking of myself. This was a hastily made selfish comment and does not follow our communal philosophy at CFVB.
Hope everyone is safe today.
-your favorite ogre

Thomi CFVB

Hey guys. I closed the gym today due to the weather when I woke up this AM, the news stated the people should stay in if the did not need to be out, I spoke with quite a few clients that stated they did not plan on coming in due to the weather. I understand that we all are addicted and want to get our workouts in, so I will be more than happy to make Sunday a make up day. Sorry if you feel that I made the wrong decision, I am doing the best I can with the info I have.


I didn't plan on running in that crap! I think you made a good decision =) There has been a lot of accidents today...


is the withdrawal always this bad?


yes nicholas, withdrawal's suck!

john, you're more than welcome to come over here and i'll time you, you can use fuller as you deadlift. he's about 125#, but i'd say it's more difficult you pick up an excited puppy. constantly varied, right!



Jess, thanks but I managed to make it happen in the snow... Yep, constantly varied, weather and all.

Thomi CFVB

Stuck at home WOD. Good one even if you only have a janky pullup bar :)
I did a version of pullups on the min. Where I did pullups, pushups, K to E, and squats on the min... It took forever!
Pullups (strict on a rotating bar lol) 1-6 total 21
Pushups 1-16 total 136
K to E on the same bar 1-9 total 45 (I did toes to bar)
Squats 1-16 then I went up by 2s to 38 (16,18,20 etc)total 450.... missed 40 by 3 squats
lol yayyy


13:39 rx'd


13:39 rx'd


It's crazy I got the same exact time the second time through.


Hmmmm? what to do? what to do? I'll figure something out I guess. No worries Thomi. Better safe than sorry... or dead in a 6-car pile up on Shore Drive. I guess my boss doesn't care if I die or not. Shame.


We just got an Internet back in the office, talking about withdrawals...a day without it paralyzes!

Thomi, you made a right decision. It was nasty on the roads this morning, Ocean View and Shore Dr. wasn't pretty...

WOD home edition will do just fine for me :)


Had to take my dog to the vet today (she has to have surgery, $700.. ouch!) and I was sitting there thinking, those poor suckers, running in the snow... haha guess not! :)


Home WOD: 4 rounds for time:

50 Air Squats

10.49. + 3x10 Feet to hands from the hollow rock position. That's a good one. Especially if done slow like K2E. All squats unbroken. Oh yeah! (2 fails on the HSPU though darn it)


Rita & Jill (my OV ladies) -
next time we have no classes we will have to coordinate an OV WOD. Dodging hookers and crackheads while we run and lunge?


Hey I'm in OV too! Ok south Bayview but still, I'm close. We should carpool on Saturdays guys.


I'm off the coffee (for the most part, but not more cream and sugar, even if did fit into my block schedule). I ordered my Yerba Mate today. I'll be sure to give a full report...

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