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September 08, 2008


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question... is it 1 cup whole strawberries or are they cut up??

Thomi CFVB

you can cut them up .. or like 8 strawberries :)


Ahhhh sh*t, peanut butter!


1 cup of 2% or 0% or whole yogurt? Any specific type of protein powder? So many of them have tons of sugar!



When choosing a protien powder for a recipe like this I would select one that has very few carbs or no carbs. You will be getting your carbs mainly from the yogurt and strawberries. The PB will provide the fat. That being said, I would not overly worry about the fat content of the yogurt unless it is very, very fatty. A little extra fat is not going to hurt you. The crucial thing is to keep the balance of PRO and CHO in order since those 2 macro nutirients elicit a hormonal response, while the fat does not. :)


yummy!!! i made it a 3 block breakfast. i used greek yogurt and added 1/2 tb of honey, a little splenda, another cup of strawberries and 1 1/2 teaspoons of pb. delicious breakfast. i saw the greek yogurt at walmart and decided to try it. it's a little tart that's why i sweetened it up with splenda and honey. i wonder if it freezes well?? if it does you could make a kick a$$ ice cream, just add in a little sweetener and what ever else you want to make it cho/pro equal. i think i might give it a try.


Yeah, Jessica. Fage rocks!

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