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November 10, 2008


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don't sugar substitutes cause brain cancer or something? also, would it be possible to replace the cottage cheese with milk?


Nicholas... you're right on the sweet n'low, but splenda is okay or you can try stevia. it's a natural liquid sweetner. i found it at farm fresh in the organic section. it's very good, you only have to use very small amount. if you do you use too much it becomes bitter. as for replacing the cottage cheese with milk. it wouldn't be an equal exchange. milk is 1 part carb and 1 part protein. you could use a regular yogurt. just look at the label. most flavored yogurts have equal carbs and protein, but unflavored/natural are just protein. hope this helps.


Thanks, it did. Unfortunately, I can only stomach a handful of dairy products - basically milk, cream, butter, and very mild cheese.

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